Raspberry Pi Opens its First Physical Store in Cambridge

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just launched its first physical retail store in Cambridge,UK.

The maker of the very popular miniature computers publicly announced on 7 February 2019 the launch of its major project: the opening of its first brick-and-mortar retail store. The move is intended to further attain the Foundation’s mission by bringing its technology closer to a broader audience.

Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Software Engineering at Raspberry Pi, said in an interview that “the concept is about trying to get closer to a less connected demographic, people who aren’t involved with technology, and show them that coding isn’t an inexplicable dark science reserved only for a few.”

Photo: Raspberry Pi Foundation

The store provides a unique opportunity for existing and potential customers to get hands-on demonstration of its mini computers. The collection of core merchandise available includes Raspberry Pi boards, accessories, and kits. They also sell exclusive products like mugs, magazines, books, stuffed toys, and computer accessories.

At the center of the store are Raspberry Pi computers, which customers can use for hands-on learning. In addition, booths that feature different Raspberry projects are distributed along the store’s walls. The booths come with step-by-step instructions displayed on a touchscreen, together with the necessary components needed to complete each project. Clients then use a keyboard and a mouse to work on it.

It also features a museum for enthusiasts featuring unique items on display like the very first Raspberry Pi, prototype models of Raspberry Pi boards, and other rare boards.

They are open everyday typically from 9 AM onwards.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based charity that aims to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. It provides low-cost computers that people use to learn and have fun. It develops free resources to help learners, trains teachers to support them, runs networks of programming clubs for children, and provides education and outreach programmes to help more people use digital technology to get things done. —The MagPi

You can see the actual store and everything they have on offer in this YouTube video.

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